November No. 1, 2017

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Meditation Tips from Yogananda

meditation #1. To meditate a short time with depth is better than to meditate for long hours with the mind running wild. In the beginning, therefore, don’t force yourself to sit for a long time. Strive for shorter, but deeper, meditations.

#2. Don’t feel badly if you find yourself too restless to meditate deeply. Calmness will come in time, if you practice regularly. Just never accept the thought that meditation is not for you. Remember, calmness is your eternal, true nature.

#3. A disciple was having difficulty with his meditations. He asked Sri Yogananda, “Am I not trying hard enough?” The Master answered, “You are trying too hard. You are using too much will power. It becomes nervous. Just be relaxed and natural.

#4. A devotee was having difficulty remaining awake, squeeze your eyes shut several times, then open them wide and stare straight ahead. Repeat this practice once or twice more. If you do this, sleepiness will cease to bother you.

#5. In meditation, try to go beyond thinking. As long as thoughts enter the mind, you are functioning on the conscious level. When dreaming, you are in subconsciousness; then you are more aware in the astral body. When your consciousness withdraws still more deeply, into superconsciousness, then you are centered in bliss, in the spine. In that bliss-state you are aware in the causal body, the soul.

#6. The soul loves to meditate. Contact with the Spirit is its greatest joy. If you experience mental resistance during meditation, remember that reluctance to meditate comes from the ego; it doesn’t belong to the soul.

#7. One who wants to be a concert pianist will practice at the piano twelve hours a day. That’s how it is with the search for God. How can you expect to know Him if you only half try? Here, however, is an encouraging thought: Everyone who makes a sincere effort on the spiritual path will surely reach his goal.

#8. Try to feel, when walking out of doors that everything around you is part of your own expanded awareness. Be aware of the sun’s rays on your skin. Think of the heat you feel from the sun as God’s energy. Let it fill your body with vitality and power. Imagine divine energy, through the sunlight, strengthening creatures everywhere on earth.

#9. Meditate more and more deeply, until calmness and joy become second nature to you. To be ecstatic is not difficult. It is thinking that it is difficult that holds you apart from it. Never think of divine joy as distant from you, and it will be with you always.

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Building a Stronger Heart-Brain Connection for Health

coherence Research shows that different heart activity patterns have specific effects on emotional and cognitive function. When you're feeling negative emotions or experiencing a stressful situation, your heart's rhythm pattern will be erratic and chaotic, causing the corresponding neural signals that travel from the heart to inhibit your higher cognitive functions. When this happens, your ability to think clearly, learn new stuff, remember things and make good decisions becomes limited.

So, if you often act impulsively or foolishly when you're experiencing stress, now you know why. Along with this, your heart's notifications to the brain during stressful situations or negative events actually intensifies the emotional effect on your on your brain, worsening the overall effect of the stress.

On the other hand, when you experience positive emotions, your heart's communication to the brain is more orderly and stable, supporting cognitive function while encouraging positive feelings and emotional stability. Because the heart has this power over your brain, learning how to produce increased heart rhythm coherence will noticeably impact how you think, feel, perform and perceive. Gaining access to heart rhythm coherence benefits your entire body.

The HeartMath Institute notes that to strengthen your heart and brain connection, you'll need to practice ways to intentionally experience sincere positive emotions. This may include caring, appreciation for someone or something, and compassion. When your heart experiences these kinds of emotions, its rhythm becomes more harmonious and coherent. As your heart processes positive emotions, it shares this information with the rest of your body.

By making your body and brain work better, you'll feel better and perform at a higher level. When you generate prolonged positive emotions, those in the research community refer to it as psychophysiological coherence, characterized by improved harmony and order in your mental state and body processes.

When you're able to achieve heart rhythm coherence, several different bodily systems synchronize to the rhythm your heart produces. This state also causes increased synchronization between your heart and brain.

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The Five Tibetan Rites

These ancient yogic exercises are the most efficient of all yoga series of asanas (poses), bringing about changes in the body quickly. This "5 Pearls of Tibet" ancient method will not only activate all your muscles but help normalize your body’s activity. Regularity is the most important aspect. Do all these once a day. If you want the maximum effect, increase the number of sets by the following schedule:
  • Week 1 — repeat each exercise 3 times;
  • Week 2 — 5 sets;
  • Week 3 — 7 sets;
Increase up to week 10 with 21 sets. The best time is morning before noon in a fasted state. Don’t overstrain yourself. If it’s too difficult, decrease the number of sets and let yourself get used to it. Watch your breath: breathe through your nose evenly. When doing many sets, make pauses between exercises: stand upright, put your hands on your waist, and breathe in deeply several times. Let yourself rest after doing all the sets — lie down and relax.

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This Quantum Life
by Boyd Martin, Caretaker, Pure Energy Rx

We Create Our Grace

Last issue I was exploring how the Law of Attraction has a booby trap, as it tends to reflect back to you what it is you are experiencing in the present moment. So, if you are in pain, the Law of Attraction, gives you more pain as you are a vibratory match to pain.

The key phrase here is "vibratory match". So, the way to "break the law", is to consciously change your vibratory rate to match, say, compassion, or caring, or joy, or relief.

I've had the priviledge lately of being an in-home caregiver for a sweet 93-year old man. He is mostly chair-bound, and his most strenuous activities are walking to the bathroom, doing his personal hygeine and then hobbling back to his chair. This activity is painful to him, and now and then he is in a great deal of pain--enough to cause him to cry out.

I believe that because I have been dealing with some physical pain, I ended up being a vibratory match for this in-home care gig, but there was a whole other factor at play here. Mainly, that the "job" of caregiving is an act of compassion for me, and has pulled me out of engaging so much in my own pain.

In caring for this man, I found myself experiencing moments of joy and relief. And by observing this joy and relief, I could expand those feelings, and bring a higher level of peace and joy into my life.

The key take away here is that we all have the ability to CHANGE the way we feel, regardless of the outside causes of negative feelings. Even while in high levels of pain, I've been able to find a niche of feeling relief, and then focus on that. Lo and behold, pain levels diminish, and it makes it even more possible to feel relief, joy, compassion and ease.

In this way, the negative feelings and emotions we have, directly point to the other side of those feelings--the positive ones--that we have only to use our innate ability to access and experience. We tend to want to "suffer" using such justifications as "Why me?", or "This shouldn't be happening", when, in fact, we are ignorantly ignoring the fact that we have the ability to change our feelings, regardless of exterior causes.

By allowing ourselves to be with the negative feelings, it creates the space to originate feelings on the other positive end of the spectrum. I believe this is what is meant by "grace" and it is one of the greatest gifts of the human experience.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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