Galactic Citizen's Creed

The Galactic Citizen believes in each individual's need and ability to be radically self-sufficient--able to command sufficient resources in the environment to provide for their own bodily needs.

The Galactic Citizen believes in radical decentralization of the United States Government. Abolish centralized national political power into one party or one person or group of people. Community self-sufficiency is the key. Communities and/or neighborhoods handle their own social problems by pooling resources and taking responsibility for their environments.

Radically decentralize political power and mechanizations while radically centralizing information, knowledge and imagination. There are no "national leaders"--but there certainly are national archetypes--national folk heros--who go about the business of being the National Being--helping to bring out the Planetary Being around the world.

Galactic Citizens refuse to support the military industrial complex. The best national defense is decentralization and radically increased re-connection with people from other lands. This is how we can maintains a joyous and peaceful world--not by holding a gun to the planet's head.

Galactic Citizens denounce mass-production corporate monopolies, in favor of self-sufficiency: What can be mass produced, can be singly produced. If you can't make it yourself, you probably don't need it.

Galactic Citizens embrace the divinity of the individual and believe that expression of that divinity is the most valuable product of civilization--not technology.

Galactic Citizens believe they are symbiotic organisms in the body of the planet, existing to help transform self and planet into a higher level of being.

Galactic Citizens denounce greed, and believe that direct giving is much more beneficial to the human psyche, and that the work of planetary transformation can only be accomplished by giving to and helping others. Hoarding "cash" in the name of "investment" is the sin perpetuating world hunger, homeless, and global health problems.

Galactic Citizens are responsible for their own health, including diagnosis and treatment. There is a tremendous store of information available on this to those in need of it, and plenty of other people who can lend knowledge and encouragement.


  • Mass education of the public on self diagnosis and treatment of health problems.
  • Dismantle the military and recycle the material for other more pressing domestic community uses.
  • Liquidate all government-owned material, divide up the money and send it out to every citizen. Set a time limit on the use of money in the country, then move the entire economy over to a service economy, where everything is made or provided for without the use of money by people working because they love the job--not because they love the money. Set up high national standards of living and entitle all citizens to that level.
  • Abolish national elections of a president or senators or representatives. Reduce "government" to "Holders of the Constitution," who travel around the country advising local communities on the equitable use of the Constitution and psychology in the handling of local social problems. A world forum of human rights could be set up on the Internet as a world community chat. Fear and power mongers could be spotted and embraced.
  • Redefine "leadership" to mean shared vision.
  • Legalize drugs of all kinds and radically enhance networks of de-addiction rehabilitation facilities.
  • Abolish the national supreme court, with all legal cases decided at the local level by trained arbiters, with help from nationally touring "Holders of the Constitution" when necessary.