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Mystic Broadcast Network Mission Statement and Broadcast Info

The Mystic Broadcast Network is a media production company, providing both an online broadcast platform and content.

Mission Statement:

The Mystic Broadcast Network provides thought-provoking media programs about the evolution of human consciousness throughout all forms of human endeavor for the betterment of the world and its ecosystem, eventually helping to usher humanity into Galactic Culture.

Company Goals & Objectives:

A profitable media company that is a respected opinion leader and "go to" resource in the field of consciousness research reporting. The company will provide both information and technology to our audiences on raising their own awareness and expand their own consciousness into the infinite possibilites of existence.

Business Philosophy:

To bring about positive world changes by demonstrating by its actions the highest and best of business practices, respect for others, and an over-arching intention for the betterment of humankind and its ecosystem.

Our audience are those who share our philosophy, or want to strive for it.

The Industry:

With the exponential explosion of the Internet, and the ubiquity of broadband access, in a very short time, no human being will be without access to whatever media content they wish.

By becoming a player in the "Evolution of Consciousness Reporting" or "Human Potential" sector, Mystic Broadcast Network is poised in an excellent position to profit by the tremendous upsurge in interest for self-improvement, spiritual exploration, as well as alternative healing and shamanism.

Currently, there are a few large media companies focussing on this content segment, but they are also producing media in much wider self-help contexts, and several of them are single-author resources, or publishing houses with proprietary libraries, more concerned with book sales than a mission of higher consciousness reporting.

There are very few (less than 10 in the world) media production outfits who specialize in Evolution of Consciousness Reporting. The closest thing to what the Mystic Broadcast Network is proposing is the website Reality Sandwich, produced by author Daniel Pinchbeck.

With so few players in this field, MBN with quality content and viral marketing, will become a needed, unique alternative to other sources, and thus gain significant market share.

Company Strengths:

Founder and Entreprenuer, Boyd Martin, has studied the field of human consciousness for over 40 years, actively pursuing his own spiritual development, as well as reading widely of the current authors and producers in the field.

Boyd has many years of experience as a professional writer and blogger, as well as expertise in website development and IT issues. He also has developed a deep database of resources within the human consciousness development field, along with personal business alliances with many respected local opinion leaders.

As sole proprietor of the MBN endeavor, Boyd believes this new voice can and will have an impact on the conversation about the evolution of human consciousness.

Broadcast Content Focal Points:

1. Exopolitics - MBN fully embraces the concept of a galactic civilization, full of sentient beings with cultures far older than humanity's on Earth, and more advanced spiritually and technologically. MBN will program content that highlights ET contact with humans throughout history, and present day. Rather than taking sources at face value, MBN will also vet content with corroborating sources, so as to as much as possible slice through the tremendous volume of mis- and dis-information packed around this explosive subject. MBN is an advocate of Disclosure--revealing the political and military interactions humans have already been deeply involved with for many decades.

2. Consciousness Research - MBN embraces the tenent that human civilization, in order to contact and be accepted into galactic culture, must consciously evolve spiritually, beyond self-destructive behaviors, criminal self-serving interests, militarism, and creating extreme forms of dualistic good vs. evil paradigms. MBN will be offering content that validates and reports on consciousnes research fields, such as: mind-body connection; bridging quantum physics and consciousness and those implications; the development of latent or dormant human abilities such as telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis, and other "super-human" powers, and consciousness technologies that deliver this.

3. Eco-Citizenship - MBN offers content about the synergistic interaction between humans and the Environment and ecosystem of the Earth. Of interest are the effects of human activity and consciousness on the living systems of the planet; and research into interspecies communications, including plant, animal, mineral and the planet itself, as well as the solar system.

4. Technology - MBN offers content devoted to technological breakthroughs that may lead to interstellar space and time travel, and A.I. Also of interest are technologies that assist and enhance human awareness, consciousness and access to latent abilities (see Consciousness Research above). This will be also be tied to exopolitics as past extraterrestrial contact leading to technological appropriation by the militaries of the current world powers, has resulted in human technological capabilities far in advance of what is generally believed to be in existence.

5. Alternative Economics - MBN is aware that the main current economic platform, capitalism, is obsolete because of globalization of human activity. A new economy is being called for as suggested and studied by such activists as Charles Eisenstein, Daniel Pinchbeck, and others. The antiquated money system that favors itself over all else and leads to those with money more easily getting more of it, while those with less money, get less of it--a system that validates and rewards the darkest aspects of human duality.