Renunciation of My Personal
Bitterness and Cynicism

11.01.2004 - 1:48 AM PST - Oregon, USA

I hereby renounce my past bitterness and cynicism, and any remnants of those surviving in the present moment toward the following objects:

  • Money itself, and the banks that hold it and utilize it for their profit.
  • Economic systems that favor the few over the many.
  • Corporate greed, and the greed of those sitting upon the Boards of those corporations.
  • Valuations of people based on their economic standing, skills and/or religion.
  • Mass mind control of commercial media.
  • The privileged rich, especially those who came by their fortunes through inheritance.
  • Politicians in it for personal gain (power, influence, money).

It is precisely the bitterness in my heart that fuels the very things creating the original bitterness. In my case, I saw money as a divisive force in my family as a small child. My mother and father were being hurt by it. It must be bad. As I became aware that this "evil money" was affecting my friends' families, and eventually became aware of global economic disparity and dispair, my bitterness and cynicism grew exponentially, until I found it necessary to denounce money itself to asuage my cognitive dissonance--like yelling at the thermometer when it gets too hot or too cold.

But by doing so, I set a pattern for repetition of those exact repulsive conditions. I railed against them, and went so far as to disassociate myself on many levels from society itself. I endeavored to "live on the fringe," and exist "under the radar," all the while mumbling bitter rants in righteous indignation without one single sincere call to action to change these "great injustices." Blindness is blind first to the inner sight, and it in turn creates layer upon layer of cognitive filters: two businessmen shaking hands on a busy street. What I would see is two greedy corporate opportunists agreeing to work together on their new scam. Reality: two men who were college roommates reuniting after many years apart agreeing to get together after work for a beer.

Bitterness fouls the air with which I breathe new life, peace and abundance into my life. Cynicism smashes hope, and belittles grand visions and daily creativity. It glues and polarizes reality into the shape necessary to fuel the cynicism, in the same way that bitterness begets bitterness, and in the same way waging war creates more wars to wage.

I experience in my life the way I think and feel. The things I resist persist. The things I embrace in love, create more embraceable things to love.

I therefore, renounce bitterness and cynicism within me, yet I do not renounce the existence of bitterness and cynicism. They simply reside at the other end of the spectrum as supreme teachers of vision and hope.