Economic Autonomy

Ever since money was invented, the greedy of the world have conspired to get all of it. They've pretty much succeeded in this current world where 97% of the world's wealth is controlled by barely 2% of the world's population. It's time to take back control and reverse the pyramid of greed.

An economic system based on TRANSACTION instead of LABOR can do the trick. Instead of slaving away working for a company, corporation or government in order to provide food and shelter for oneself and family is currently an outmoded concept. The mere act of exchanging money for goods and services is actually what's going on in any economy. Therefore, simply give everyone money, then have them buy stuff, THEN redistribute the profits back to the people. Duh...

Being stuck in the work-for-a-dollar-then-I-can-have-a-life mentality has created a sick society and an environmentally devastated planet. It's time to reverse this hellish descent into chaos.