A Metaphysical Analysis of DNA

Date: August 27, 1992, 12:03AM
Re:  The Human Body as a Bio-Hologrammic Persistence in Space and Time

     In this attempt to unify various systems from earth
pre-history, it becomes necessary to redefine in a unified
context certain key elements inherent in these systems as follows:

     Astrological Planet Archetypes = The 12 Agents
     Zodiacal Signs = The 12 Environments
     I Ching Hexagrams/DNA Strands = The 64 Pivot Points

     As in natal astrology, when the new bio-unit completes its
interdependence stage with its host or "mother" and is able to
respirate and perceive its own reality as separate from the host,
due to the inherent intense environmental impact upon the
newborn, situational and circumstantial energies of physical
reality impinge themselves on the DNA chain of the newborn,
triggering post-birth sequences.  This creates a persistence of
the subtle bodies due to friction as the physical entity
gradually becomes aware of its environment.  The etheric shell is
constructed in the shape of the friction points in space and
time.  The shell has a "time shape" as well as a "space shape"--
all of this centered around the 64 chakra-pivot points
in the body.
     The human body has a very wide range of biofeedback loops
based on its various needs to harmonize with incoming energies as
they "catch on" or interact with the etheric friction shell.
These interactions create a need to process extra inorganic
material, such as salts, minerals, micro-essences, etc., in order
to rebuild or strengthen the friction points.  If the entity
continues through linear time with these needs unfulfilled, the
cascading process of "dis-ease" sets in as the following
increasing orders of magnitude:  1) Attention goes to a part of
the body or body process; 2)  Pressure, stiffness, or soreness
upon palpation; 3) Light to severe pain in the region affected;
4) Intense all-pervasive pain requiring full conscious attention;
5) Loss of conscious attention, complete subconscious imprint;
and finally 6) Separation of etheric body or bodies from physical
entity creating physical non-function.  Conversely, if
fulfillment of need was instantaneous, complete harmony with
incoming energies could be maintained, i.e. "perfect health".
     The body represents a microcosm of 12 archetypal
environments (as represented by the 12 "signs of the zodiac").
Each of these environments requires one type of salt from which
to precipitate its physical environment.  Within these 12
environments, 12 "orbital archetypes" or "agents" (or planetary
energies) operate.  The various archetypal environments match or
harmonize with the 12 agents (or "planets") within the body
etheric shell as imprinted at the time of birth or at the time of
the cohering of the etheric friction shell, shortly following.
The relationships among the agents within the 12 environments now
interact as separate entities apart from the continuing Universal
Archetypal time-space pattern.  The friction points within the
new etheric shell (after setting up a standing energy wave
pattern that in turn sets up priorities in survival values within
the DNA strands, which then precipitates in the entity's mind as
a "style", "angle" or way to react to and within biodynamic
life), then interact with incoming archetypal energies creating a
persistence of mass called the physical body.  The persistence of
mass requires a transmutation of non-body physical material into
the mass, or a harmonious interchange of energy due to the
friction due to the time-space shape of the etheric friction
     Therefore, knowing the space-time coordinates of the etheric
shell and knowing the space-time coordinates of future moments,
it would be possible to predict with extreme accuracy exactly
when needs arise for extra inorganic material to repair or
strengthen friction points during future "friction moments".  For
example, as per analysis and computation, it is noted that during
the period from December 12th to December 29th, 1997, an intake
of Potassium Chloride (Kali Mur) and Sodium Chloride (Natrum Mur)
(Gemini, Aquarius respectively) will be needed by the entity to
harmonize its etheric shell.  Note also the etheric shell itself
gains mass with friction, drawing bio-electrical energy from the
physical body; but attains a static no-mass state without
friction, allowing the physical body to maintain perfect health.
If friction in any area is continued too long, the DNA "death
strand" clicks "on", shutting down repair/renewal instructions
for that pivot point.
     It is possible to click "off" the death strand, but near
perfect harmonizing would be necessary, requiring proportionately
more and more time, depending on how long the DNA death strand
has been in the "on" position.  It is always possible to bring
any bio-dynamic entity back to a non-death mode by harmonizing
the etheric shell.  Of course, if the etheric shell has
completely left the body (usually on the average about 38 hours.
Depending on the mass of the shell it could take anywhere from a
nanosecond in the case of highly harmonized entities, to as much
as a year or longer with heavily encased shells), it would no
longer be possible to "click" the DNA death strand.
     In the extreme case of unconsciousness due to pain, it may
be necessary to bring in more synchronistic or metaphoric modes
in addition to the 12 salts, e.g. flower essences, chromotherapy,
meridian therapy (pressure or puncture), herbal decoctions,
sound, aromatherapy, temperature, electromagnetic balancing, etc.
These modes, of course, applied to the less intense biofeedback
loops, would help to speed harmonization.
     In the day-to-day continuance of the bio-field, the entity
is presented with options or choices based on its DNA survival
value priorities that will either increase or decrease friction.
The closer the bio-field's survival value priorities match the
Universal Survival Values, the more harmonious the bio-field
becomes, hence decreasing the mass of its etheric shell,
consequently freeing its physical body for DNA repair and renewal
instructions and actions.  Universal Survival Values are known
through the micro-macrocosmic duct located in the pineal gland
(also known as the "silver strand").  Through this duct the
etheric shell mass is controlled.  The controller of the etheric
shell is the God-Unit.  The God-Unit knows everything God knows
and can experience anything God has experienced in any universe.
The action of moving God-fluid or universal love-fluid through
the micro-macrocosmic duct is called "using the imagination".
What is "imagined" is Reality.  This "uni-fluid" can move slowly
and sparsely through the duct or rapidly gushing, depending on
DNA survival goals and values, which boils down to "belief in
what is reality".  If, for example, an entity accepts the above
explanation of the pineal uni-fluid duct as reality, it then
gains the ability to increase the amount of the uni-fluid through
the duct and thus into the physical bio-system producing
increased harmonization, and the ability to align its DNA
survival priorities to those of the Universal.
     This pineal duct mimics the shape of the etheric shell in
reverse metaphor, e.g. if the shell is very thick and heavy, the
duct is conversely very narrow and long; if the shell is very
light, the duct is short and very wide.  The duct itself,
therefore, is the actual site of transmutation of inorganic
matter into organic energy.  As the shape of the duct changes due
to intake of needed inorganic material, or the depletion of same
material, the physical body harmonizes or dis-eases.  As the duct
becomes wider and shorter, less and less inorganic material is
necessary to harmonize the physical vehicle.  Ultimately, once
complete harmony has been established, a DNA "forever strand"
clicks on, freeing the physical body from any non-local
requirements for operation.  In other words, no additions of
"food", "water", "emotions", etc. are necessary, as all needs are
directly provided for through the duct direct from Universal
Creative Source.  Once the "forever strand" clicks on, all
previous local DNA survival priorities are erased off all 64
strands creating a condition of eternal physical existence, and
basically the ability to put the physical vehicle into any state
or condition desired by Universal God.  A few earth entities have
achieved this state of the "on forever strand", such as St.
Germain, Babaji, El Morya, Sananda, etc., but usually, as in the
case of physically departed masters, a 3rd density physical
existence was not desired by Universal God, and so the etheric
shell was moved into another density.  Note that the etheric
shell of these masters was virtually no-mass, thus able to change
densities easily.  Slight mass was consciously and purposely
maintained by the adept to create space from which to spring from
one density to another.
     In the case of non-adept, subconscious entities, the shell
persists unconsciously after an unconscious departure from the
physical vehicle, caused mainly by forward momentum.  The shell
for a time regroups in the duct (imagination), receiving etheric
nourishment, renewal and repair, and then drops or fuses, by
decision, into another physical vehicle.  Depending on how
conscious the entity is, which is to say depending on how dense
the etheric shell, is how soon following physical birth the
etheric shell is fully consummated with the physical body.  If
the shell is very light, highly developed, it may not complete
its duct fusion for as long as seven years, due to the standardly
longer and narrower duct provided in the host shell, based on the
gene pool.  The ducts of the host and entity must match in size
and shape before complete DNA programming is accomplished.  As
the host and entity fuse ducts, the host duct always changes to
match the incoming entity's duct.  [There is a DNA "duct fusion"
mode click which is the first DNA click in response to a God-unit].
     In the case of particularly heavy shells, there may be a
consummation of ducts as early as 49 solar days after conception,
with birth trauma imprinting stepping up etheric shell friction
tremendously.  (Thus explains the phenomenon of "identical twins"
with identical astrological natal charts, responding completely
differently as their lives unfold--incoming etheric shell
densities from reincarnating entities interact at different times
and in different spaces for every single God-unit).
     Friction points in etheric shells occur on one or more of
the 64 chakras or pivot points (represented cleverly by the I
Ching Hexagrams).  By observing the "superior man" options as
laid out by the ancient I Ching adepts, an entity can begin to
access the full length of the pineal duct and begin, through
physical action, to move the Uni-fluid (love) through the duct
into the physical body.  The addition of the needed salt allows
the transmutation of inorganic matter to etheric material to
improve the size and shape of the duct.  Which salt depends on
what archetypal function is being experienced by the entity,
created by the agents operating in their respective environments.
The more fluid (love) that can be moved through the duct depends
on how wide and short it is.  It gets wider and shorter due to
the DNA instructions to build it that way using the 12 salts as
building blocks.  As little as a response to a need for inorganic
material automatically sends at least a tiny amount of fluid
through the duct, because response to a need is a definition of
love.  The more fluid moves through the duct, the wider and
shorter it becomes.
     In I Ching metaphor, the Pineal Uni-fluid Duct is
represented as The Receptive--the fluid itself is represented by
The Creative.  (Thus, is there a subduct from the pineal gland to
the gonads, which produces semen.  If a male entity "imagines"
the pineal duct widening and shortening at the time of
ejaculation, he greatly increases the flow of uni-fluid through
the subduct from the pineal to the gonads, energizing all the
major chakras along the spine.  If this process is performed with
a female entity, the semen inside her will magnetically travel up
her pineal-gonad subduct, per the Law of Osmosis of Similarity,
nourishing her pineal gland, helping to widen and shorten her
main pineal uni-fluid [love] duct).

(11.11.92, 1:11 p.m.--the following was telepathically revealed
by Chinese yoga master, alchemist, and doctor, Liu Hsin)

     Again, in terms of the I Ching metaphor, there are 4,096
main ducts or nerve nadis to conduct prana-Shakti throughout the
human body (64 X 64).  Therefore, in oracle diagnosis, two
conditions arise: 1) static node and 2) nadis node.  Static node
is when a single hexagram of a double trigram is drawn, nadis
node is when there are two different trigrams or changing lines
in the hexagram.  The changing lines indicate the specific nadis
to be addressed; the static node indicates a need to address all
64 nadis of that node.
     Herbal metaphors can be deduced from the address of the node
as "change enhancers" or "block removers".  Basically, when there
is a "physical condition", discomfort, torture, etc., the
physical organism has taken it upon itself to use the
communication system of the body to communicate to the owner,
indicating precisely what is wrong as a result of various
environmental, emotional, spiritual stresses.  Where the prana is
blocked, or, as in the case of Kundalini risings where the prana
is seeking new channels or ducts to awaken consciousness in
hitherto unconscious parts of the body, signals from pressure or
depression to outright excruciating pain are sent to the body's
owner.  Therefore, upon analyzing the signals with the help of
the oracle, the correct "deblocker" can be found in the form of
any metaphor medicine such as herbs, cell salts, Bach Flowers,
massage, homeopathy, etc.  In the advice to the "Superior Man" in
Wilhelm's translation of the I Ching, deep DNA programming
sequences are given a behavior modification indication.  This
along with the deblockers, would greatly assist to reduce the
time of processing through these nadis blocking episodes.
     One metaphoric paradigm names each of the eight trigrams as
corresponding to the eight major endocrine glands in the body as

Heaven (Creative)        = Pineal (Crown) (Yang)
Wind (Gentle)            = Pituitary (Ajna) (Yin)
Fire (Clinging)          = Carotid (Shushumna/Spinal) (Yin)
Lake (Joyous)            = Thyroid (Throat) (Yin)
Mountain (Keeping Still) = Thymus (Heart) (Yang)
Water (Abysmal)          = Pancreas (Splenic) (Yang)
Thunder (Arousing)       = Gonads (Seed) (Yang)
Earth (Receptive)        = Adrenal (Base of the spine) (Yin)


YANG (Warm)

------ = Pineal (Heaven)

--  --
--  -- = Gonads (Thunder)

--  -- = Thymus (Mountain)
--  --

--  --
------ = Thyroid (Water)
--  --

YIN (Cool)

--  --
------ = Pancreas (Lake)

--  -- = Carotid (Fire)

------ = Pituitary (Wind)
--  --

--  --
--  -- = Adrenals (Earth)
--  --

     The general paradigm of the above diagram is:  Yang rises on
the Yin side from the bottom, and Yin descends on the Yang side
from the bottom.  Because energy only flows in the presence of
polarity, this is the natural overall flow of cooling and heating
elements in the body.  For example, when the adrenals are cool
the pineal must be warm, lest the channel become blocked.  When
the pituitary is warm, the gonads must be cool to maintain energy
flow from cool to warm and warm to cool.  (Temperature analogies
are effective in describing energy movement in the body, as in
Chinese medicine).
     Each of the trigrams representing endocrine addresses, by
doubling or stacking them to produce a hexagram, produces a
matrix of eight hexagrams for each address.  Each address has a
"static" hexagram and seven "nadis" hexagrams.  The static
hexagrams represent a double trigram, which would indicate in the
oracle that attention to all 64 nadis is inferred by the
hexagram.  The nadis hexagrams indicate attention needed on eight
nadis should the oracle produce no "changing lines".  When a
changing line(s) happen(s) during the throw of an oracle, it
reduces the number of nadis needing attention to the number of
changing lines.
     The eight hexagrams for each endocrine address are arranged
into houses.  The houses are traditionally arranged in groups
with common lower trigrams.  For example, all hexagrams with The
Creative (Heaven) as the lower trigram, go in the Heaven House.
All Receptive lower trigram hexagrams go in the Receptive House,
etc.  The upper trigram represents the eight nadis leading from
that hexagram to the address of the lower trigram house.  For
example, at the Thyroid Address (of eight hexagrams) is the
hexagram, "Breakthrough", with The Creative as the upper trigram.
This indicates the group of eight nadis leading to the Pineal
Address.  Unless there are changing lines during the oracle
ritual, the healer would consider all eight nadis from the
Thyroid to the Pineal, and prescribe accordingly, using the
metaphor of the advice to the "Superior Man".  Note that nadis
flow in each direction to and from each line of the hexagram,
giving rise to 4,096 possibilities of flow (64 X 64).  Following
is an arrangement of Hexagram Houses incorporating endocrine

(Based on construct of the House Ruler as lower trigram, because
a hexagram is built from the bottom up)
Pineal--(Heaven Lower)
(Hex. #: 1, 5, 9, 11, 14, 26, 34, 43)
1-The Creative (Heaven Upper)
5-Waiting/Nourishment (Water Upper)
9-Taming Power of the Small (Wind Upper)
11-Peace (Earth Upper)
14-Possession in Great Measure (Fire Upper)
26-Taming Power of the Great (Mountain Upper)
34-Power of the Great (Thunder Upper)
43-Breakthrough/Resoluteness (Lake Upper)
Pituitary--(Wind Lower)
(Hex. #: 18, 28, 32, 44, 46, 48, 50, 57)
18-Work on What Has Been Spoiled/Decay (Mountain)
28-Preponderance of the Great (Lake)
32-Duration (Thunder)
44-Coming to Meet (Heaven)
46-Pushing Upward (Earth)
48-The Well (Water)
50-The Cauldron (Fire)
57-The Gentle (Wind)
Carotid--(Fire Lower)
(Hex. #: 13, 22, 30, 36, 37, 49, 55, 63)
13-Fellowship With Men (Heaven)
22-Grace (Mountain)
30-The Clinging (Fire)
36-Darkening of the Light (Earth)
37-The Family/The Clan (Wind)
49-Revolution/Molting (Lake)
55-Abundance/Fullness (Thunder)
63-After Completion (Water)
Pancreas--(Lake Lower)
(Hex. #: 10, 19, 38, 41, 54, 58, 60, 61)
10-Treading/Conduct (Heaven)
19-Approach (Earth)
38-Opposition (Fire)
41-Decrease (Mountain)
54-The Marrying Maiden (Thunder)
58-The Joyous (Lake)
60-Limitation (Water)
61-Inner Truth (Wind)
Thymus--(Mountain Lower)
(Hex. #: 15, 31, 33, 39, 52, 53, 56, 62)
15-Modesty (Earth)
31-Influence/Wooing (Lake)
33-Retreat (Heaven)
39-Obstruction (Water)
52-Keeping Still (Mountain)
53-Development/Gradual Progress (Wind)
56-The Wanderer (Fire)
62-Preponderance of the Small (Thunder)
Thyroid--(Water Lower)
(Hex. #: 4, 6, 7, 29, 40, 47, 59, 64)
4-Youthful Folly (Mountain)
6-Conflict (Heaven)
7-The Army (Earth)
29-The Abysmal (Water)
40-Deliverance (Thunder)
47-Oppression/Exhaustion (Lake)
59-Dispersion/Dissolution (Wind)
64-Before Completion (Fire)
Gonad--(Thunder Lower)
(Hex. #: 3, 17, 21, 24, 25, 27, 42, 51)
3-Difficulty at the Beginning (Water)
17-Following (Lake)
21-Biting Through (Fire)
24-Return/The Turning Point (Earth)
25-Innocence/The Unexpected (Heaven)
27-The Corners of the Mouth/Providing Nourishment (Mountain)
42-Increase (Wind)
51-The Arousing/Shock (Thunder)
Adrenal--(Earth Lower)
(Hex. #: 2, 8, 12, 16, 20, 23, 35, 45)
2-The Receptive (Earth)
8-Holding Together (Water)
12-Standstill/Stagnation (Heaven)
16-Enthusiasm (Thunder)
20-Contemplation/View (Wind)
23-Splitting Apart (Mountain)
35-Progress (Fire)
45-Gathering Together (Lake)

     Study of the endocrine functions of each of these addresses
will reveal DNA imperatives outpictured by the relevant hexagrams
of each.  The eight major functions of each gland can affect or
have nadis to each of the eight functions of other glands and
affect other functions of the gland itself.
     In the herbology paradigm, it is hypothesized that
technically, there is one perfectly resonating unblocking herb
for each of the 4,096 nadis.  Practically speaking, however, it
will probably break down into 64 types of herbs to treat each of
the 64 major conditions indicated by each hexagram.  Metaphors
are easily ascertained from the colorful descriptions of the
hexagrams in any I Ching text.  With this system, it would be
unnecessary to even consider which nadis lead to which address,
and it would be observed that the 64 herbs would tend to
breakdown into eight groups of eight due to the paradigm point of
     In homeopathic cell salt parlance, one is dealing with only
12 inorganic salts, that also have been related to the 12
zodiacal archetypes.  Utilizing the paradigms and constructs of
medical astrology, it would be a simple matter to prescribe the
correct cell salt(s) based on I Ching oracle divination.  Based
on the fact that mathematically, 12 and 64 are both divisible by
4, an interesting numerological study of DNA patterns and the 12
archetypes could be fruitful.  By dividing 12 by 4 = 3 conditions
of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable; by dividing 64 by 4 = 16 opposing
hexagram groups.  By using a spiral metaphor, as in the DNA
helix, "The Receptive, Earth" could be at the middle point of the
spiral, going out from there becoming more and more Yang until at
the outermost part of the spiral there is "The Creative, Heaven".
This could a metaphor for the creation of Eternity or Heaven on
     Another construct comparison is observation of the fact that
a hexagram has 6 lines of yin or yang.  The zodiac has 12 signs,
6 male (yang), 6 female (yin), as follows:

     (C)  ARIES - YANG   (F)  TAURUS - YIN
     (M)  GEMINI - YANG  (C)  CANCER - YIN
     (F)  LEO - YANG     (M)  VIRGO - YIN
     (C)  LIBRA - YANG   (F)  SCORPIO - YIN
     (F)  AQUAR. - YANG  (M)  PISCES - YIN

     Note that basically Air and Fire signs are yang, Earth and
Water signs are yin.  All opposing signs of the zodiac are the
same polarity, as in magnetism.  These polarities create the
various cusps in astrology, and, as will be seen, produce a
matrix within which the human genetic code manifests.
     Listed below is a test mandala of the trigrams and the
astrological archetypes arranged by the Yin/Yang paradigm:

Heaven (Creative)        = Pineal (Crown)(Yang) (ARIES/AQUARIUS)
Wind (Gentle)            = Pituitary (Ajna)(Yin) (CANCER)
Fire (Clinging)          = Carotid (Shushumna/Spinal)(Yin)
                           (CAPRICORN/VIRGO) [horizontal]
Lake (Joyous)            = Thyroid (Throat)(Yin) (TAURUS)
Mountain (Keeping Still) = Thymus (Heart)(Yang) (LEO)
Water (Abysmal)          = Pancreas (Splenic)(Yang)
                           (GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS) [horizontal]
Thunder (Arousing)       = Gonads (Seed)(Yang) (LIBRA)
Earth (Receptive)        = Adrenal (Spinal Base/Kundalini)(Yin)
                           (SCORPIO/PISCES) [vertical]

     Note that the astro-archetypes as related to the gland
functions bring out the inner nature of the archetypes, and point
out arcane, subtle relationships.  As mentioned above, the
extrusion of The Four requires that the four outer signs
redistribute their energies at the four nodal points (north,
south, east & west--delineated in the list as vertical energies:
Heaven, Earth, or horizontal energies Fire, Water).  Visualize
the 64 hexagrams in a circle (Heaven at the midheaven, Earth at
the Nadir), and then overlay the zodiac.  Symbology ramifies as

     Aries (Pineal):  The Divine Head of the Archetypal Man.
     Aquarius (Pineal):  The Waters of the Divine pour down from
Heaven through the pineal gland, out upon all HuMankind.
     Cancer (Pituitary):  The Moon Child rest here within the
crab's shell (skull), controlling the rest of the world with it's
appendages, influence ("master gland").
     Capricorn (Carotid):  The Amphibian alters its inner
pressure to live in two realms.
     Virgo (Carotid):  The Harvest Virgin distributes her
energies up the spine to all the nadis of the body.
     Taurus (Thyroid):  The Sacred Lonely Bull on the Hill (neck)
reverberates its call ("moo is oom") (vocal chords) stimulating
the world to action.
     Leo (Thymus):  The Lion roars its greeting (immune system)
with the a Loving Heart of Gold.
     Gemini (Pancreas):  One Twin analyzes (stomach, liver), the
Other generates (digestive enzymes, insulin), together they
digest experience.
     Sagittarius (Pancreas):  The Archer shoots his arrow of
nutrients far and wide to the entire Field of the Body.
     Libra (Gonads):  Life springs from the Loins of Justice.
The exact balance of yin/yang causes potency within The Seed of
     Scorpio (Adrenal):  The Scorpion rules The Human Instinct to
fly upon the Wings of White Eagles--the hidden, basic energies
spring forth in the Heart of the Eagle (kundalini).
     Pisces (Adrenal):  The Fish of Abundant Mind swims up the
ocean channel (kundalini, salty spinal fluid) spawning new life,
uniting with God.

(12.19.92, 4:11 p.m.--the following was telepathically revealed
by the multi-dimension being, Anttarr. Namaste.)

     In DNA programming and mutational development, the
Intelligence utilizes Nature's most powerful tool:  The Sphere.
Stars are spheres, planets are spheres, the human etheric shell
is a sphere, even closer to home genetically, the human skull is
the closest thing to a sphere skeletally, and the endocrine
glands are structurally resonating closest to a sphere, as
opposed to other shapes.  Physiologically speaking, then, the
skull because of its spherical-ness indicates the localization of
consciousness, and is the general location of four of the eight
mulanadis, or major nerve centers of the physical unit.
     The Twelve is the frequency of The Sphere.  The Sixty-Four
is the frequency of The Human Species Physiological Unit.  The 12
and The 64 interface around the sphere in the following equation:
12 X 5 = 60 (+ 4) = 64.  The 64 DNA strands are created from
Human Creative Ideation interfacing or impinging upon the Local
Spheres of Gaia, The Sun, and other local planet bodies and their
spherical etheric shells.  "The 64" extrudes The Four Changes
orienting the Macro-Template of the Human Form at The Top, The
Bottom, The Right, and the Left--the Four Limbs extruded from The
One Sphere (The Skull), creating The Five Changes (skull + limbs)
of each of the 12 Archetypes.  At the four limbic points upon the
etheric sphere exist concentrations of creative energy in spiral
vortexes.  These four vortexes are symbolized by the I Ching
Hexagrams "Heaven", "Standstill", "Earth", and "Peace", as the 64
Hexagram Mandala is generated around the sphere and
conceptualized two-dimensionally in The Circle of Life.
     Therefore, "The 64" deals with human physiology (inner
reality)--ORGANIC, and "The 12" deals with incoming, impinging
archetypal spherical energies (outer reality)--INORGANIC.  Note
that the human etheric shell is a oblate sphere, because it is
closest in communion or communication with the local cosmic body
spheres, and it is here that the crucial crucible of alchemy
works its magic.  This is the Realm of the Golden Sphere or, in
Taoist I Ching terms, the Gold Pill (gold symbolizing stability,
incorruptibility, immortality; the pill symbolizing roundness and
     At the space-time coordinates of the impingement of the
Cosmic Sphere with the Human Etheric Shell Sphere, a waveform is
created, due to the simple differences in shape (or space-time
coordinates), that set up resonances that precipitate Human
Genetic Material around which vibrates the Human Physical Form.
The Two Spheres enmesh, or coalesce:  the sperm (sphere), and the
ovum (ovoid=sphere)--creating a resonating magnetic field for the
joining (yoga) of yin DNA elements in the ovum with yang DNA
elements in the sperm.  At the moment of conception, then, when
the two half-strands of DNA are joined, a new original strand is
produced (The Two into The One), setting up a new magnetic field
which then attracts atomic matter around the DNA helix.  The
First Cell carries within it the finest atomic-cellular matter,
which later expands and etherealizes into the Human Etheric Shell
Sphere.  Ongoing cell alchemy-mitosis eventually extrudes the
Sacred Skull in homage to its Spherical Ancestors as its First
Act, then extrudes the Four Limbic Vortexes, to ramify and
delineate the specific human form and identity out of atomic
matter.  This is the living process of the Genetic Alchemical
     The entire alchemic crucible of Physical Life exists in the
Undifferentiated Sea of Consciousness (God) which differentiates
Itself into Points of View upon the Universal Sphere.  Each Point
is a Self.  Each Self is its own self-creating universe.  To
incarnate as a human being, It resonates with the magnetic point
within the Alchemical Engine and assumes ownership and
experiential consciousness on the physical plane in/around the
physical body from that Point of View.  Because this Self is
self-creating, It experiences physical characteristics (including
time, space, organic processes, etc.) by Its own decision to do
so.  It makes Its decisions for the sake of The Game.  It has
access to any other realm or experience within Its own universe
which can expand or contract, separate or combine with any other
Self Point.
     Experience through Time is the Self's Crucible.  The Self
plays the Game of Life by refining its experience through time.
Thus, evolution of form occurs.
     All shapes of all sizes within this dimension are generated
from The Sphere as it travels through time.  This time-motion
extrudes various 3-D shapes depending on the focus of attention.
     For example, the pyramid is formed as its four base points
generate lines of force ahead or backward in time to a single
point.  Thus the pyramid attains its powers of time travel,
energy amplification and connection to the Power of the One.
     Another example, the cube generates two planes of force on
either side of the sphere, and then marks them off--generating
its power of linear thought, compartmentalization, ramification
and symmetry at 90 degrees.
     The DNA helix is born from two vibrating spheres through
time turning on each other's perimeters.  Therefore, because DNA
helixes are born from the sphere, they are inherently connected
to the spherical etheric shell, and thus light messages travel
from all DNA helixes back and forth to and from the etheric
shell.  The etheric shell is the Filter of Experience, organizing
outgoing and incoming vibrations.  Thus, the Third Eye broadcasts
vibrations outward through the shell of what is later sent back
through the shell by the left and right eyes in three dimensions.