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Why I'm Qualified for the Mystic Broadcast Network


(500 characters? Geez.) It all started 65 years ago in a womb... just kidding... I'll keep it short.

Interested in metaphysics and yoga since age 15, I grew up a classic hippie rebel, more interested in the inner human experience and consciousness than "being a success". Success to me back then was having a life-shattering spiritual experience on acid...

My other two interests developed: radio broadcasting and music. I competed in radio broadcasting contests in the high school "speakers club", later snagging announcer and DJ gigs at the local AM station and college FM station. I played in bands since age 11 where I started out on standup bass, taking up drums when I emigrated to Oregon at the age of 33.

Fast forward to age 20 when I signed a billion-year contract with L. Ron Hubbard's cult, Scientology, spending 10 years as a mid-level executive. I was "expelled from the Church" in 1983 for gaining access to "confidential" material and using it to attain "unauthorized" states of consciousness. I'm still proud of that to this day.

During this period in Los Angeles, I became the "Voice of Dianetics" for the AM/FM radio media saturation Scientology was doing in the early 70s.

Chased by the nazi right-wing of the "Church" for "high crimes", I fled to Portland, Oregon, where for 5 years I amazingly and to my great relief, didn't see or meet a Scientologist. After meeting some healers in Portland, I went through treatment for PTSD from my cult experience. The "take away" was a keen ability to spot bullshit personality cults.

Drum Animal I plunged into the Portland blues music scene throughout the 80s, 90s and early 2000s as a drummer. Did well doing that, winning awards with a couple of bands and touring the country and the world with the Joanna Connor Band for 2 years and the Terry Evans Band for 12 years. I recorded on many albums, and performed many gigs (in the thousands).

From 1986-1993, I also published the popular Portland Live Music Guide, a pre-Internet rag newspaper. I also wrote for one of the Portland weeklies, as the music editor.

I continued my spiritual journey, studying with various healers, shamans, channelers, and teachers, plowed through 2 marriages and escaped without leaving any kids.

In the 80's and 90's my attention focussed more and more on the nascent "ET disclosure" movement, and "alternative history" studies, mainly starting with the Cosmic Awareness courses (Paul Shockley), and Jose Arguelles "Mayan Factor" project. We observed the Mayan Calendar for a time, with its "Harmonic Convergence", and Terence McKenna's "Time Wave Zero" I Ching research project.

I started the Northwest Disclosure Project under the auspices of Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project, and our group sponsored and produced two events for Dr. Greer in 2001 and 2002 to audiences of 950 and 1240, respectively.

I became webmaster for what is now Pure Energy in 2002, and later inherited the company when my partner crossed over in 2012 from breast cancer, and I continue as the caretaker of that small enterprise today.

Running alongside all of this, in 1986, I conceived of the Mystic Broadcast Network, and wrote extensively on the project. When I discovered and became enamored with the Internet in 1993, I studied "HTML for Dummies" and put up a website for it in 1996.

I would get visions and inspiratios about MBN every now and then, but it just seemed like too big of a dream, and I was keeping myself busy enough to avoid interacting with the visions very often.

1983 Toyota Huntsman - My Clubhouse Around 2004, I purchased a 1983 Toyota Huntsman motorhome, a 21-foot Class C RV. I loved that thing, calling it my "clubhouse" and taking many camping trips in it with my partner and alone. It was my main vehicle, and I completely refurbished it, adding solar power and a "swamp cooler" when I took it to Burning Man in 2012.

I reluctantly sold it in 2014 in favor of a "sensible car" to use in urban San Diego. I figured I'd just get another one at some point...

Jump up to 2016, and we find Pure Energy Rx beginning to founder. It was delivering a very dependable 4-5K a month in sales--enough to give a single guy a comfortable if modest living. Now it seemed to be abruptly dying, and I could not figure out what was going on. I came to the awareness it was probably a combination of several factors having to do with online shopping habits, Google algorithm changes and the power of big paid placement, big box discount houses, and the economic uncertainty created by the last election.

I kept hanging on though, even selling my drumkit, and most of my possessions to pay rent, thinking I was going to break the code of the business tanking. I haven't yet, and now I'm basically homeless in San Diego--one of the most expensive cities in the US, with the nicest climate. I continue to publish the company newsletter twice a month, The Quantum Health Newsletter and podcasts.

Now with this IndieGoGo project, I'm intending to raise the funds to buy another RV, live in it, and use it as a mobile broadcast studio for the Mystic Broadcast Network; and carry out the visions I've had about it for over 30 years. I'm looking at the business continuing to provide food and sundries, and my Patreon presence to find patron pledges to support the day-to-day expenses of the MBN.

So, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!